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Sarri feeling the pressure to live up to Chelsea's non-Spursy expectations

"I need to win something as soon as possible"

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Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Maurizio Sarri has never won a major trophy. Chelsea Football Club live for trophies. Something’s got to give, and it won’t be the club’s appetite for winning things.

Maurizio Sarri knows this.

“I don’t know [if I could go multiple years without winning trophies]. It’s up to the club, I think. I don’t think so, but I don’t know. It depends upon the club. What the club wants in this moment. If it’s more important to win, or more important to improve the players. It depends.

“I want to win something just to avoid this question! In every press conference, you ask me the same thing. So I need to win something as soon as possible. Sometimes there are the conditions for winning. Sometimes not.”

Sarri may get asked this every week, but this weekend he faces a team that’s been often lauded for their accomplishments that have amounted to little more than putting the pressure on other teams. Spurs have shed their “Spursy” reputation to a large degree since Mauricio Pochettino took over four years ago, and yet the only thing they’ve actually won is three Premier League Manager of the Month awards.

Comparing the pressures faced and the job security enjoyed by the head coaches of Chelsea and Spurs is an exercise of pointing out the obvious — not that it prevented Antonio Conte from getting into a bit of hot water over it — but when only one team can win the league, by definition, other teams sometimes have to stay patient for a few years.

At least one of the Mauricios could reap the rewards of such patience yet.

“Maybe Pochettino is not in the condition to win at the moment. In the Premier League there is for sure one team stronger. Maybe two. So it’s very difficult to win if you’re not the best team. Sometimes it’s difficult to win even if you are the best team. If you’re not, it’s more difficult. It’s clear he’s a very important coach, with a trophy or without a trophy.”

“I don’t know, I don’t know. I think that, for him, it’s easier the fact that he’s working with the same team for three or four years. So it’s a little bit easier. Not easy, but easier.”

-Maurizio Sarri; source: Telegraph

Maurizio Sarri is unlikely to survive 4+ seasons of trophy-less football at Chelsea, especially under the current ownership. That pressure is a non-negotiable part of the job and Sarri obviously knows this and knew this when he signed up. It’s all part of the “fun”, no?

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