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Great friend of the blog, Chelsea super-fan Jake Cohen the first winner in Hyundai’s ‘The Extra Mile’ competition

Going above and beyond on two continents to support the Blues

Long-time readers of the blog will remember our great friend Jake Cohen, who taught us all about FFP and amortization and how transfers work and how buyouts work and why we have a Loan Army and the history of the Vitesse-Chelsea connection and how many goals and assists Marcos Alonso has ... and then went on to do the same for a much wider audience over in England in writing for the pages of the Guardian about transfers and the Independent about shirt sales, and in glorious Bostonian accent on various podcasts and even in front of the Premier League’s cameras.

Splitting time between two continents for a while, sports lawyer Jake is being a rock star in real life these days, but we’re very proud to have played a minor role in his rise and rise.

In any case, amidst taking care of business every day, Jake makes it a point to attend just about every Chelsea match, every Chelsea Women’s match, and many youth games as well. But it was for his cross-Atlantic globe trotting, including 12,000 miles in one week for JT’s final match, that he’s been recognized by Chelsea shirt sleeve sponsors Hyundai as having gone “the extra mile” in supporting the Blues.

“At the time, there were definitely some eyebrows raised among my friends and family when I told them I was flying to London to watch John Terry’s last home game at Stamford Bridge, but it was well worth it.

“It’s really fantastic to see Hyundai recognising the importance of fans and the lengths they go to follow their team with The Extra Mile. Through supporting Chelsea, I’ve met some incredible people from all over the world who also go the extra mile to support their club, from born and bred Londoners to fans from afar who use their holidays to come and watch Chelsea! I’m lucky enough now to live within walking distance from Stamford Bridge, so it’s a lot easier to get to matches now!”

-Jake Cohen

Jake is the first recipient of this recognition. At the end of the season, one of lucky monthly winner will be picked to travel across Europe on Hyundai’s dime and watch Chelsea, Roma, Atlético Madrid, and Hertha Berlin in action.

So that’s pretty cool, and you can enter as well by going to and tell them your story how you go “the extra mile” in support of the greatest team in all the lands.

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