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Manchester United considering Conte option to replace Mourinho next season — report


Italian Football Federation ‘Panchina D’Oro’ Prize Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

After deciding to not catch the scalding hot potato that is Real Madrid at the moment, Antonio Conte remains unemployed ... and embroiled in a legal battle with Chelsea. He prefers it this way, both in terms of a new of a job (start in the summer with a full preseason) and in terms of getting what he’s owed by his former employers in severance and additional damages as well.

That aside, it is most likely that by the end of the season, several clubs will fancy their chances of convincing Conte to join them. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport (via Sport Witness), one of these could be Manchester United, who remain firmly in the clutches of Mourinho’s Third Season Syndrome, despite a few comeback wins of late.

Criticism of Mourinho returned in full force after the weekend saw Manchester City dismantle their in-city rivals, 3-1, with United simply unable to answer City’s suffocating tactics. Were it not for an Ederson’s penalty freebie, City’s even richer neighbors would’ve made no noise at all on Sunday.

Conte, who has made his reputation as a handyman able to turn struggling big teams into proper contenders and title-winners once again (Juventus, Chelsea) would thus be a perfect appointment for United — or just about any other club. Still, that depends on a range of factors, including Mourinho’s own future of course.

For now, Conte’s going back home to continue relaxing. It’s too soon for anybody to make a move. But we will be watching ... and hoping to avoid a situation where we would have to face him at least twice every season.

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