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After much ruckus, Chelsea assistant Ianni receives slap on the wrist for Mourinho incident

Just a fine for the assistant coach who celebrated just a bit too vigorously for everyone’s liking

Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Imagine the reaction if Marco Ianni actually did something wrong. He might’ve been beheaded, drawn and quartered, and then shot into the Sun! As it was, there were only calls for him to lose his job — including from blowhard ex-United bootlicker Phil Neville, commentating to millions of viewers worldwide on NBC Sports.

Both Mourinho and Sarri called for tempered reactions after all the emotions dissipated, all the apologies were made, and all the feelings were smoothed over. The coaches considered the situation over and done with, after Ianni’s ebullient celebrations provoked Mourinho on the visitors bench at Stamford Bridge as Ross Barkley’s last-minute equalizer against Manchester United kept Chelsea’s unbeaten start to the season alive.

Ianni pumped his fist and gave Jose the eyes, at least once, maybe twice, to which The Special One reacted by bursting off his seat and trying to go after the Chelsea assistant. Mourinho maneuvered around his own poor reaction and retaliation attempt with considerable aplomb amid all the hubbub, and escaped with just a warning from the FA.

But, as it turns out, Ianni didn’t get much more either, receiving a £6000 fine from the FA after accepting the charges of “improper conduct” last week.

Meanwhile, Chelsea let Sarri handle the matter internally, which probably amounted to nothing but a little chat and laugh and instructions on how to be more subtle.

Now we get to move on with our lives.

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