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Burnley 0-4 Chelsea, Player Ratings: Midfield masterclass led by Barkley

Community Player Ratings from Chelsea’s highest rated performance of the season thus far

Burnley FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images


Minutes: 90
Touches: 108
Passes: 90**/96
Shots: 1*/3
Tackles+Blocks: 1+2
Aerial duels: 2

Maurizio Sarri declared after the match that Ross is now complete: technical skill, physical prowess, defensive work and awareness — he’s got it all. And who are we to argue with the head coach? Three goals and three assists in his last three games for Barkley, who’s in red hot form.

2. WILLIAN (8.2)

Minutes: 90
Touches: 78
Passes: 52/58
Shots: 2*/5
Take-ons: 4/6
Tackles+INTs: 2+1

Willian started his ninth match in a row, and just like three years ago, is the one constant in the squad while other forwards deal with various injuries, aches, and growing pains. It’s easy to undervalue consistency (unless it’s on Messi-level), but Sarri’s now the third Chelsea head coach to make Willian a constant feature in his teams — and one could make the argument that the only reason Conte ever went down the Pedro route was because of Willian’s personal leave at the start of the 3-4-3 revolution following the untimely passing of his mother.

3. N’GOLO KANTÉ (7.9)

Minutes: 90
Touches: 90
Passes: 77/82
Shots: 0/1
Tackles: 2

Speaking of undervalued consistency, Kanté isn’t it. Kanté was rightly valued consistency for two years, but now he plays a different position, which he’s still learning and growing into. But he’s getting there and there’s little reason to think he won’t continue making solid two-way impact the rest of the season (and beyond, however long Sarri-ball may last).

vs. BURNLEY (PL, A, W 4-0)

EXCEPTIONAL (9.0+): Barkley (9.3)

EXCELLENT (8.0-8.9): Willian (8.2)

GOOD (7.0-7.9): Kanté (7.9), Jorginho (7.8), Morata (7.8), Rüdiger (7.8), Loftus-Cheek (7.4, sub), Azpilicueta (7.3), David Luiz (7.2), Arrizabalaga (7.2), Alonso (7.1)

AVERAGE (6.0-6.9): Giroud (6.5, sub), Fàbregas (6.5, sub), Pedro (6.1)

POOR (5.0-5.9): —

BAD (4.0-4.9): —

TERRIBLE (3.0-3.9): —


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