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Sarri delays decision to name new Chelsea captain another week


Báró, the King of the Mountain is ready for another season
Báró, the King of the Mountain is ready for another season
Dávid Pásztor

Maurizio Sarri has delayed the decision to name a “permanent” Chelsea captain by another week, confirming earlier today that he will first have a meeting with the club to finally settle this thing. Sarri himself doesn’t place much emphasis on this issue, or so he says, but if he’s meeting with the club, perhaps that are other considerations or forces at play as well.

Previously, Sarri had only mentioned needing to meet with the players themselves. So perhaps this in some way remains connected to a potential new contract for Eden Hazard, despite recent reports to the contrary that the armband would not affect Eden’s decision one way or another.

Hazard himself hasn’t talked much about the possibility of the captain’s armband, which he also wears for the Belgian national team. Cesar Azpilicueta, on the other hand, has mentioned it at least a couple times how much of an honor he’d consider the responsibility. Since Sarri doesn’t seem to have much of a preference, if we do switch away from Gary Cahill, who’s looking to leave in January, Azpi seems like the best choice.

Or just give it to David Luiz.

Either way, in (a) Dave we trust.

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