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Willian reveals Chelsea players had to intervene to calm Mourinho down in the tunnel

Just a bit of passion as Willian & Co play peacekeepers

Chelsea FC v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

This bit is unlikely to make any tunnel cam video of Chelsea’s 2-2 draw against Manchester United on Saturday — it’s up on the official website and the app, but not on YouTube yet — but according to Mourinho-favorite Willian, the players themselves intervened to make sure that everything calmed down after all the old people who should know better got all hot and bothered by some fist pumping.

Speaking after the match, the right winger who came to Chelsea to play for Mourinho in 2013 and has repeatedly been linked with a reunion at Manchester United since Mouirnho turned up there in 2016, quickly brushed over the incident but corroborated the Mirror’s report of the afters continuing well after the cameras stopped following.

“When we scored the second goal there was a little bit of a discussion outside the pitch. Then after the game, everyone was quiet and friendly. We just went to the tunnel to talk and to say to Mourinho to keep calm and then the same was said to our staff as well, then it was calm.”

I suppose none of this really matters — and it really shouldn’t — but seeing as how a man’s job may be on the line as both the club and The FA try to apply some rather misguided “justice”, it’s probably important to try to learn as much as we can about what actually happened.

For Willian, Marco Ianni’s actions weren’t premeditated, but just a bit of passion in the heat of the moment. (Just like Mourinho’s reaction.)

“It [the game] is very emotional and the guy I am sure he doesn’t want to do something wrong, he doesn’t want to disrespect the team. He did that [celebration] because in the last minute we scored a goal and we needed this goal. He did this because he feel passion and that’s why.”

-Willian; source: Sky


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