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Further repercussions to follow for Ianni, Mourinho after sideline bust-up?

The FA waiting on referee Mike Dean’s report; Chelsea letting Sarri handle the matter

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José Mourinho and Maurizio Sarri both said that they consider the matter closed in their post-match comments, but depending on what The FA might do, there may be further repercussions for one or both of the protagonists in Saturday’s touchline bust-up after Ross Barkley’s equalizer.

Whether The FA come down on either Chelsea assistant Marco Ianni for taunting and instigating and generally behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner, and whether they also go after their favorite target, José Mourinho, again, after he led the charge out of the dugout to try to confront Ianni, will depend greatly on what referee Mike Dean may or may not include in his match report. Sky Sports seem to think that Dean might consider the matter sufficiently handled as is, but the Mirror claim that he has included the “extraordinary incident report” in his filing, which would then likely result in charges for both men.

It’s generally not disputed that the behaviors on display fall afoul of The FA’s “code of conduct”, especially if the Mirror’s claim of Mourinho carrying on out of the view of the cameras is true as well. Given José’s history, that’s an easily believable claim. At least he didn’t poke anyone in the eye this time. (And it’s probably good that Mourinho attack dog Rui Faria is no longer around either...)

It is also understood Mourinho carried on his rant down the tunnel, waited near the Chelsea dressing room and still furiously tried to confront Ianni after the game. The situation was only resolved when Chelsea made Ianni apologise to Mourinho.

-source: Mirror

Meanwhile, in the Chelsea corner, the club are apparently letting Sarri dish out any punishment internally for behavior falling “well below the standard expected of the club’s staff”, though it’s likely that if Mourinho gets charged for the retaliation (and rightly so), then Ianni The “Excitable” will get charged for the provocation as well.

And so it goes, right, Maurizio?

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