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WATCH: Ampadu dominates Loftus-Cheek in Chelsea trivia

It’s all in the hair.

“Who Am I?” is a classic game of trivia where players compete to guess that person in question about whom a series of progressively obvious clues are given. In Sky Sports’ version, four different clues can be given, though presumably only once do we reach that stage, when Ruben cannot guess Kepa Arrizabalaga, which is a bit embarrassing. (The editing cuts out a couple of the middle clues, I’m guessing, so we only hear the first and last clues.)

So, it’s Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Ethan Ampadu, head-to-head in Chelsea trivia. And it’s not close. In fact, the only thing that’s close is Ampadu making his driving lesson on time. He ends up winning this one 10-7, but he gives a couple freebies to his teammate towards the end to make the score just a little less lopsided than the game itself would’ve warranted.

At least now we know how Ethan keeps busy while not getting any minutes (yet) this season...

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