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How should Chelsea line up against Norwich City in FA Cup replay?

Choose wisely.


For the fourth mach in a row, Chelsea have to shift focus from one competition to another, switching this time from the intensity of the Premier League’s top four race to the Magic of the FA Cup (TM). Unfortunately, there isn’t too much magic in Chelsea’s game these days, and on Wednesday, the only way magic could actually occur is if Chelsea suffer the ignominy of a home defeat by lower league opposition in the third round.

The FA Cup may not mean what it used to mean back in the good old days, but we should obviously still not let that happen.

The big question for Chelsea is where goals are going to come from? We’ve gone three full games without scoring. Each and every first-team player has taken a turn, from the Hazards on down to the Zappacostas, without success.

We do have a bit of new blood to pin our hopes to however. Ross Barkley is (probably) set to make his first Chelsea appearance, though it’s not quite clear whether he gets the start or just comes off the bench. Perhaps he’ll break the curse?

Other than Gary Cahill, who picked up a hamstring injury on Saturday, all players are available.

Choose wisely.

(Live results)

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