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Chelsea set club record for futility in 0-0 draw with Leicester City

Achievement unlocked.


You may be tearing your hair out after yet another goalless draw on Saturday, lamenting the futures of any and all involved in such a shocking run of results, but I’m here to make you feel better about it all.

Chelsea, after all, just set a rather interesting new club record. Three consecutive 0-0 draws have never before happened in the club’s history. And unlike the stupid banter that people like to lob in our direction at regular intervals, that history, barring breaks for World Wars, stretches back all the way to 1905. We are in the midst of the club’s 104th season and recently completed the 5000th match in club history. Given the theme of this week, it’s perhaps fitting that Chelsea only managed a 0-0 for that milestone up at Goodison just before Christmas. Never in the 5006-match history of Chelsea Football Club have we managed three consecutive 0-0 draws.

Remarkable, really.

Did that make you feel better?

Probably not, so here are a few other streaks of futility we’re currently embroiled in:

  • three straight games without scoring in all competitions for the first time since the transition from Di Matteo to Benitez in November 2012 (RDM’s last game, Interim’s first two games).
  • four straight draws in all competitions for the first time since the first season of the Premier League, in December 1992 (0-0 at Boro, 1-1 v. Man United, 1-1 v. Southampton, 0-0 at Wimbledon)
  • winless in four straight for the first time since the very end of the 2015-16 season (the streak that started with the 2-2 against Spurs in the Battle of the Bridge).

On the plus side, we’ve kept three straight clean sheets for the second time in the last seven games! Just need to figure out how to score a goal or two...

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