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Tunnel cam: Joe Cole visits; Barkley introduced; Rüdiger gives shirt away; Hazard, Courtois chat with 76ers’ Embiid

Chelsea TV have the tunnel cam down to a science by now, which comes especially in handy when the match itself turns out to be a rather languid 0-0 (though not nearly as bad as Norwich over the weekend, which ended in the same scoreline).

So we get the usual clips of the players arriving, going out for warm-ups and the match, a few pre-match niceties between players from the same nation (Azpilicueta and Bellerin, for example) or of the same position (Courtois and Ospina sharing a few friendly words as required by the constitution of the goalkeepers union), and the post-match celebrations and acknowledgements.

In between, there is Ross Barkley getting introduced to the Stamford Bridge faithful (lovely reception) and Joe Cole and his hipster cap hanging out in the tunnel and then of course getting an even nicer reception (he was a special pre-match guest, too). Lovely man, Joey C.

Speaking of lovely, Rüdiger giving his shirt away to a young fan is great. And it sure sounds like Hazard and Courtois and Embiid had a good laugh about something but alas, I don’t speak French.

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