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Celebrate Eden Hazard’s full fitness with 24 minutes of dribbling highlights

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Eden Hazard is back, ladies and gentlemen, and even if he does not start today against Leicester City, he should be at least on the bench, ready to make a game-changing appearance if needed. He will probably play two of the three games on offer this week, with next weekend’s home clash against Arsenal offering him a chance to recreate his magic beastmode run against them last season.

That specific highlight is all the way at the end of the video above, but the preceding 24 minutes are well worth your time as well. Hazard has been at Chelsea for five full seasons now, and that offers plenty of chances for highlight-worthy moments — and these don’t even have all his great passes and shots and other amazing moments in the half-decade so far.

Here’s to the next half-decade!

P.S.: To show just how excited everyone is to have Hazard back, Chelsea TV even produced this short promo video, featuring Eddie, his beats, and of course his new boots. Bonus points if you can identify the song used in the background.