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N'Golo Kanté receives massive FIFA 18 rating upgrade

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As he should.

Eyebrows were raised a year ago when FIFA 17’s ratings were released and N'Golo Kanté was given an 81 overall rating. For someone fresh off leading Leicester City to a remarkable Premier League title, that seemed awfully low. The Chelsea midfielder then proved all those angry about his low rating correct with a sensational individual season that saw him win the PFA Player of the Year award.

Finally, EA Sports have seen the light and given Kanté the respect he deserves with a robust 87 overall rating, making him a Top 40 player in the entire game, No. 35 to be exact and the exact same overall rating as Paul Pogba.

EA Sports

Despite being a lower-rated player last year, he was one of the most popular and best players in the entire game. It’s scary to think how good he’ll be this year with increased stats.

Kanté isn’t the only Chelsea player to reap the benefits of a great season in FIFA. David Luiz (84 -> 86) and Cesar Azpilicueta (84 -> 85) also have been upgraded so far with more sure to follow.

Are you happy with N’Golo’s increased rating?