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Hazard on his favorite chant, least favorite Chelsea teammate, ideal 5-a-side with Zidane and Messi, and more

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A short video of unknown origin featuring Eden Hazard singing his own Chelsea chant made the social media rounds earlier today, and we enjoyed it as well since Hazard not only performed his own song, he said he wanted to listen to fans singing it every day, too. So much love!

This here video then is the full source, from SportBible, and it includes other fun questions such as his ideal 5-a-side team (Courtois, Zidane, Messi, himself, and his father), his greatest teammate (Didier Drogba), his least favorite teammate to sit next to (David Luiz, because the Geezer talks too much and never just sits around quietly), the teammate he misses most this year (Zouma, who’s always smiling), the teammate who’s the biggest “teacher’s pet” (Azpilicueta, of course), toughest player to play against (Kompany), and which flavor of Nando’s he likes the most (medium).

Hazard also talks about his new boots, which is why he’s being doing this whole media blitz over the past several days. Those new Nike Mercurials sold out in roughly 10 minutes this morning, as I painfully experienced first hand as well. (Did manage to push an order through, but we’ll see if it actually gets filled.)

(Thanks to @syedahmed211 for pointing out this video to me.)