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WATCH: Eden Hazard rates himself in FIFA while showing off freestyling skills

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Eden Hazard having a bit of fun with Soufiane Touzani

Eden Hazard is no stranger to having strong opinions about his own skills. Recently, he joked that if Neymar is worth €222 million, he’s worth €1 billion. Confidence in not an issue for the Belgian and that’s what makes him a top player. In a new video with Touzani TV, he’s asked to give himself FIFA ratings (0-99) in several different categories.

Shooting: Eden tells Soufiane Touzani that he’d give himself an 85 in shooting. His actual FIFA 17 rating in shooting was 81.

Passing: Hazard gives himself a 92, while FIFA 17 had him at 82.

Dribbling: The ever-modest winger bestows a perfect 99 rating on himself. Actual rating last year was 91.

Physical: The Physical stat is a mixture of several things that include strength, jumping, etc. Eden would give himself an honest 70, saying he’s “small but strong”. Despite the logic, FIFA still sees that as high, having it at 64.

Ball Control: This is actually a sub-stat for the Dribbling category in FIFA. He gives himself a 95, but Touzani corrects him and says it should be 99. In FIFA 17, it was only 90.

FIFA 18 releases in a few weeks. EA Sports is currently counting down the Top 100 players by revealing their ratings (David Luiz (86), Cesar Azpilicueta (85), Diego Costa (86), and Cesc Fabregas (86) have already been revealed). The countdown just revealed 60-41, which means we’re still a few days from the Top 10, where Eden should be. We’ll have to see what his great 2016-17 season did for his ratings and how close his own designations are.