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Frank Lampard back at Chelsea coaching the U18s on Wednesday

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The Chelsea legend continues to work towards his coaching badges

As shown briefly on Chelsea TV’s latest training ground report, Frank Lampard was back at Cobham on Wednesday, helping out his good friend and former teammate Jody Morris in coaching the U18 side ahead of their game against Arsenal on Saturday.

Of course, it was more than just a friendly social occasion; Lampard is working towards his coaching badges and they require some actual hands-on work at a training ground, not just book and classroom learning. It’s unclear if this was a one-day event or a slightly longer assignment, but it’s probably the first of several to come in the future (and perhaps eventually at a higher/older level, too).

Chelsea are always more than happy to help former players in such regard — many of whom then go on to leverage that experience into actual jobs at the club or elsewhere — and we were undoubtedly delighted to extend this sort of help for Super Frank as well.

Lampard has been keeping busy with a bit of punditry this season for BT Sport, but it’s nice to see him not forget his future coaching plans and continue working towards them (just as JT and Ashley Cole have been doing as well, or at least considering in Ash’s case).

Good luck, Frankie!