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Hazard: I want to listen every day to Chelsea fans chanting my name

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Eden Hazard has been on a bit of a marketing blitz, helping Nike launch a pair of new boots (the first one to be exclusive to him!) and making the associated promotional appearances, giving the required media interviews, and being his happy, carefree self throughout it all.

Yesterday, for example, after Chelsea training, he had to hurry along to NikeTown to be the star of the show to help hype up the new Mercurials. That’s being one of the biggest stars in modern football means, I suppose, though Hazard probably appreciated the helping hand from none other than Didier Drogba, who’s apparently still hanging out in London.

There’s also this video floating around on social media, apparently sourced from some random person’s Instagram who received it via WhatsApp from some other random person. That’s some impeccable sourcing, to be sure (just missing the neighbor’s dog and your Auntie Mamie), but it does appear to be a very real Eden Hazard in a very real Nike Chelsea training shirt answering a very real question. Even if this is not new, it’s new to me, so let’s see what Eddie’s got to say.

“I want to listen this one, every day”, says Hazard as he sings a rendition of his own chant, the one set to peak ‘90s techno “No Limit” of course.

Can this man get any more adorable? Never leave us, Eden.