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Chelsea needed four bids to get Drinkwater but Leicester City may still end up getting screwed

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Crystal Palace v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

As reported by Simon Johnson of the Evening Standard yesterday, Chelsea ended up making a total of four bids - £18m, £25m, £27+5m, and £35m — the last two on Transfer Deadline Day itself in order to finally agree a deal for Danny Drinkwater and then still had to sweat in the final hours of the window as Leicester tried to get their replacement signing, Adrien Silva from Sporting Lisbon over the line.

Everything seemed to finally fall into place just in the nick of time, with Chelsea announcing at 1:30am on September 1st after being granted an extension. Leicester announced Silva several hours later, but now it looks like they’re having problems with his international clearance. The local media are pointing the finger at Portugal while they are reciprocating in kind, but until the two parties sort out the mess with FIFA, the 28-year-old midfielder cannot play. So that’s a bit unlucky for Leicester.

Meanwhile, Drinkwater is set for his season and his Chelsea debut on Saturday, possibly off the bench, against none other than Leicester City. Despite his long service to the Foxes, many are expecting a hostile reception (transfer requests tend to change attitudes) especially with his conveniently timed recovery from a “back injury”.

The Standard’s report goes on to claim that Conte is happy with Drinkwater — contrary to the insinuations of recent reports that harped on Conte not having any contact with the new signing on deadline day — and that the player himself is hoping to leverage the prestige of Chelsea minutes into an England squad spot for next summer’s World Cup.

Plus, he wants to win trophies, something that he tasted a couple years ago and now wants to rediscover.

“Leicester has been great for me but I am looking to carry on from the season before last when we won the Premier League there and I want to win more trophies, which Leicester have understood and where better to do it than Chelsea?”

-Danny Drinkwater; source: Telegraph

Where better indeed. That work continues on Saturday at 3pm.