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Hazard helps launch new Nike boots by reflecting on Arsenal goal, other great moments

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Eden Hazard has been helping to market new Nike boots since signing with Chelsea in 2012, but for the first time since becoming sponsored by them at age 16 -- and, crucially, playing for the first time at a team also sponsored by Nike — he’s getting to launch his own boots, the complexly named Nike Mercurial Ultra Flyknit Vapors. Or something. As part of the promotional campaign, Hazard has been giving interviews (see: the Marca story yesterday) and reflecting on some of his greatest personal moments.

“I’ve played with Mercurials for 15 years, and they have always been good. There hasn’t been a colorway I didn’t like. I actually haven't had a lot of bad moments in my career — only good memories.”

-Eden Hazard; source: Nike

These memories include his first pair of Mercurials that were inspired by Brazilian legend Ronaldo, his last match for Lille, his first hat-trick for Chelsea, the title-clinching goal against Crystal Palace in 2015, and his goal against Arsenal, his favorite, a year later.

A full list of the boots he wore during more of the special moments, including his Chelsea debut, can be found here, in Nike’s official press release.

All of this marketing is building hype for the release of the new Mercurial Ultra Flyknit Vapors later this week, limited to 2500 pairs of black-on-black and 1500 pairs of the Hazard-specific metallic gold editions. (Ed. note: WANTTTTTTT)