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LISTEN: Spanish commentary of Alvaro Morata’s goal against Italy is beyond lit

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Is this the greatest goal ever scored? It might be!

Alvaro Morata notched his tenth career international goal on Saturday against Italy in a 3-0 UEFA World Cup qualifying win. Frankly, I was too busy being depressed about my beloved United States getting embarrassed by Costa Rica to even know about the match, let alone the new Chelsea No. 9’s goal. Coming across this audio commentary of the goal before actually seeing it, I feel like I’ve been lied to. Listen:

After hearing that, I expected that he scored an unbelievable strike. Maybe a 25-yard belter from outside the box or an impossible acrobatic finish off the volley or something. I rushed to the nearest search engine. I had to see the goal that caused mass hysteria and morse code to be joined in unison by these Spanish commentators.

Finally, I find the elusive clip. I’m ready to be amazed:

Wait. That was is it? A simple tap-in to make it 3-0?

Look. A goal is a goal, but that reaction may have been a bit over the top, yeah? The commentators made it seem like he had scored the greatest goal the world has ever seen.

Maybe I’m just bitter that they get to be happy over a win while my country can’t even win a qualifier at home.

Anyway. Well done, Alvaro. Well done, overly excited Spanish commentators. You keep doing you.