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Atletico Madrid 1-2 Chelsea: Champions League tunnel cam and matchday vlog

Chelsea “game day” videos are back after taking a couple games off — nothing for Nottingham or Stoke — and there’s also a new twist to this one with a few fan-sourced vlogs interspersed with the gameday highlights, training, and tunnel action.

The call went out from Chelsea TV before the Madrid trip for traveling (or local) fans to come help out in coverage, and there are several who have ended up featuring in the final video, led by Mr. George Benson, who’s of course fairly experienced in all this vlogging business. Sweet prediction, too, by Benson.

It also turns out that all the cool shots from pre-match training were being saved for this video instead of the low-key Unseen, with the two-touch volleys between Musonda and Hazard the obvious star attraction here. The latter was also showing off a fair amount, some of which you may have also seen in a video making the rounds on social media where he supposedly imitates Raheem Sterling. I’m not 100 per cent sure that’s what he’s doing (the butt-trap is definitely more De Bruyne than anything), but the Robben-esque (double!) dodgy flapper is pretty funny regardless.

The other big question is, what’s that first French rap song that starts around the two-minute mark. Straight fiyah!

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