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David Luiz offers weakest excuse ever for giving away penalty against Atlético Madrid

All is well that ends well ... especially if it ends amazingly well.

In fact, without the silly penalty given away, we may never have gotten that most joyous of endings in Michy Batshuayi scoring the winner with literally the final touch of the game. We probably still would’ve won, but the way it unfolded just made for a perfect evening.

Which makes it all the more disappointing that David Luiz didn’t simply just own up* to his error and felt the need to offer a weak excuse instead.

“I didn’t have the power to stop him because of my injury and I pushed his shirt. In the rules that’s a penalty but if the referee gives that one, he has to give many more.”

-David Luiz; source: Chelsea FC

That’s not to say that what David Luiz is saying is factually incorrect. The referee let very similar fouls on Marcos Alonso and Álvaro Morata go in the preceding minutes, though one could easily argue that neither of those were so blatant and in such clear view of the referee. Yes, it is inconsistent refereeing, but when is refereeing not inconsistent in these modern times of slow-motion replays from every conceivable angle available to everyone but the person making the decisions. (Which is doesn’t justify poor refereeing, but that’s a separate issue.)

A broken right wrist is no excuse for lazy defending — clutching, grabbing, holding is a part of playing defense, but not to that extent. You have to know to the limites, if you’re doing to dabble in the dark arts. And if you get caught, you can’t blame the system.

I expect better from my second favorite Chelsea player of all time. (Better excuses, if nothing else.)

* I’ve heard a couple unconfirmed reports that he apologized to Kolašinac after the Arsenal game, by the way

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