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WATCH: Didier Drogba draws three big moments from 2012 Champions League Final

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These are the best stick figures you’ve ever seen

This may be the most unexpected video ever, but here is Didier Drogba remembering and literally drawing three of the biggest moments from the 2012 Champions League final. While Drogba will not be confused for an artist anytime soon, his stick figures and emotional depictions of the day’s events are priceless regardless.

That famous night in Munich five years ago when Chelsea won the Champions League for the first (and hopefully not the last) time ever will live in our memories forever. It of course wouldn’t have been possible without the heroics of Drogba, the Big Man for the Big Occasion, the man who would Pull The Rabbit Out Of The Hat Again, the man who would Not Let Go Of The Champions League, the man whose destiny was Written In The Stars.

There’s never a bad time to re-live the highlights.

Drogba’s three moments include walking out into the cauldron of Bayern fans (Unsere Stadt, Unser Stadion, Unser pokal), scoring the equalizer in the 88th minute (hoping that Lampard would miss the header and utilizing the little push he got from Boateng, as he recalls), and of course scoring the winning penalty kick — all the while crediting Petr Cech, the man who often goes far less credited for this win than Drogba.

Five years later, the memories are still clear as day, the emotions strong as ever. It may be history and that only counts for so much, but this day, these moments shall never be forgotten.