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Six-in-six not good enough for Álvaro Morata: ‘I can do better’

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Stoke City v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Stop it, Álvaro. You’re making us like you way too much, way too fast. We gotta take it slow, boo.

Oh, who am I kidding. Fly me to the moon, big man, and let us play among the stars.

"I am happy with my start in the Premier League but I can do better.

"I had two chances at the end of the game against Stoke (but didn't take them). I also need to improve my physical condition to be as good as possible."

-Álvaro Morata; source: Evening Standard

Six goals in his first six Premier League games then for the man from Madrid, who returns to him hometown tonight to take on Atlético, a team he has yet to score against in six tries (albeit only 175 total minutes). It will be his first Champions League match since winning the whole thing with Real Madrid last May.

While Morata’s quick start is comparable to the man he’s replacing in Diego Costa, he’s more commonly likened to Fernando Torres, another local Madrid boy who once set the Premier League on fire but is nowadays seeing out his final few years as a professional footballer back at his boyhood club. Torres scored 24 goals in his first Premier League season — the one and only season he reached 20+ league goals in his career — and as someone who’s quite familiar with the league in general, he apparently offered his advice to the man who usurped him as Chelsea’s record signing.

“I spoke with him (Morata) before he joined Chelsea and told him I would be always on the phone if he needed any advice or if I could help him.”

“Looking at the start he has made it doesn’t look like he needs any advice at all – already he is playing well and scoring goals. Chelsea have one of the best strikers in Europe – and I am sure he is going to win trophies with them.”

-Fernando Torres; source: Metro

So say we all.