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Diego Costa thanks everyone at Chelsea except the coaching staff in final farewell message

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Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Diego Costa’s transfer to Atletico Madrid was made official earlier today (Tuesday), and while he won’t be registered as with his old-new team until January 1st, his Chelsea “cycle” is over.

That’s the lede for his final farewell, posted across his various social media accounts, which thanks everyone at Chelsea for all the good times, except, tellingly and quite glaringly, the coaching staff.

“Some cycles begin while others end. My cycle at Chelsea began three years ago – three remarkable years in all aspects – and I will never forget it. Two championship titles, a Community Shield*, 120 matches, 59 goals and 24 assists later this cycle has ended. Not the way I would have wanted – far from it – but the best way possible. The wonderful fans of such equally admirable club and all team mates, as well as all clinical, administrative and logistics staff will remain forever in my mind and in my heart. Will bring them with me with the certainty that I will always be by their side as well, and I’m sure they will understand the reason why this cycle of mine has now ended – because I could not lose faith in myself. Thank you Chelsea for everything!”

-Diego Costa; source: Facebook

So there we have it. One final parting shot in Conte’s general direction, and now we move on.

Thanks for the seasonos.

* Costa’s official note says “Community Shield”. That’s probably a mistranslation for “League Cup”.

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Posted by Diego Costa on Tuesday, September 26, 2017