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Cahill, Alonso, Morata join Dude Perfect for hilarious trick shot hijinks

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Back in January 2016, I lamented the fact that when YouTubers Dude Perfect came to England for some football trick shots, they partnered with Manchester City and Arsenal instead of the then defending Premier League champions Chelsea. Two seasons later Chelsea are champions again, and this time, there is no mistake. Trick shot hijinks, here we go.

For those unfamiliar, Dude Perfect are a “sports entertainment” group who’ve made quite a career out of trick shots (and other such amusing things) on YouTube. Their joyous, high energy videos of just the right length and are dangerously addicting. With over 22 million subscribers on YouTube, they are one of the platform’s biggest acts.

In addition to the main video above, featuring Gary Cahill, Marcos Alonso, Álvaro Morata, and Thibaut Courtois — the shots involving a basketball hoop are easily the most impressive — there’s also a behind the scenes video, which also features a cameo from David Luiz because of course David Luiz has to be involved whenever fun breaks out.