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Michy Batshuayi talks Twitter trolls, fashion sense, FIFA 18 ratings with COPA90

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Chelsea’s social media king has pivoted to video.

Last week, between the Qarabag and Arsenal games, Michy Batshuayi sat down with COPA90 for a session of “FIFA and Chill”, playing the new FIFA 18 game and answering an array of questions. The topics ranged from his well-documented social media prowess, to his taste in fashion, and of course, to his hatred for his own FIFA ratings.

As we all know, Michy loves having fun with the fans on social media and specifically Twitter. He tells the hosts of the interview that he sees his interactions with the public as a game and tries to have fun. When asked what his favorite comeback to a troll was, he simply said his play on the pitch.

From football to fashion, the striker talks about his sense of style and how some of his childhood interests such as Spongebob and Dragon Ball Z influence it from time to time. He then proceeds to rate some of his Chelsea teammates’ dress sense. David Luiz’s modelesque photo received a perfect 10 rating, while Cesc Fabregas gets a four-letter word rating.

Finally, Michy is asked to predict his FIFA ratings. This resulted in several more expletives and an assault on cardboard. Life lesson: Don’t ask Michy Batshuayi about his video game ratings in his general vicinity. Some things are better done on Twitter.