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Chelsea Unseen: Famous visitors, Conte skills, and hard work in training

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Another typical workweek at Chelsea comes to an end, and as usual, we mark it with the latest episode of Chelsea Unseen, which features plenty of familiar footage this time (the visit from Steph Curry, the cast and director of the new Kingsman movie, and the one and only John Terry), but also a fair bit of new stuff, mostly from first-team training.

It’s all the non-crucial stuff of course from the training ground; not the tactical breakdowns but the fun stuff with goals and skills and general tomfoolery and plenty of good stuff from Charly Musonda and Ethan Ampadu. Even Antonio Conte gets in on the act this week, as he whistles a song and does a bit of keepy-uppy. Still got it! (Gotta practice that advanced move a bit more though.)

There are also a few shots from the U18’s training and the first-team’s photo shoot, which as we learned yesterday, also featured a very special birthday for a lucky 9-year-old. All his birthdays to come are going to pale in comparison with this one!

Now we’re ready for the weekend!