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Costa leaves Chelsea for Atlético so now we can all be friends again

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Diego Costa’s transfer is technically not 100 per cent done just yet, but the major hurdle of Chelsea and Atlético Madrid agreeing terms has been cleared. Personal terms and a medical remain, but surely those are just formalities at this point. Surely...

So, now that we’ve crossed the proverbial rainbow bridge, and everybody got what they wanted — Costa & Atlético each other, Chelsea somewhere around £50-57m in transfer fees — we can put to rest the last four months (if not more) of rumors, threats, strikes, discord, and general nonsense, and we can once again all be friends.

"There's nothing of the sort there, I'm not upset with anybody, I have no bitterness towards anyone. Everything is cool. Everybody knows how much I love the fans."

-Diego Costa; source: Splash News via Sky

Costa rarely did anything quietly or without generating undue amounts of attention and consternation during his three years in London, so it’s only fitting that his exit happened in such drawn out fashion. But once the immediate emotion and reaction fades, we will look back on the fun times we had together. We laughed, we cried, we won, we lost, we got angry, we followed him into battle.

It’s been real, Diego. Keep on keeping on, and thanks for the seasonos.

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