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Tiemoué Bakayoko unharmed in minor single-car accident on Thursday

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Chelsea midfielder Tiemoué Bakayoko, who had apparently expressed reservations about driving in England due to the whole wrong side of the road situation, was involved in a minor accident on Thursday while driving home from Chelsea’s training ground at Cobham.

It’s unclear if those concerns were a contributing factor to the crash, but Surrey police did confirm that the 23-year-old did not suffer any injuries. Conte is expected to give an update in his press conference coming up on later today, but Bakayoko is expected to be available for selection for Saturday’s game away at Stoke City.

The Mail’s report has several pictures of the accident, in which Bakayoko’s G-Wagen (AMG!) somehow ended up on the side of the road and in some trees after a curve, coming to rest on top of the concrete guardrail or curbing and the chainlink fence. The SUV suffered a fair bit of damage on the passenger side, but the driver’s side looked essentially unharmed.

Fortunately, other than causing concern, and delays for other motorists, it sounds like no one was harmed. Live and learn, I suppose.