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Charly Musonda Jr reflects on the excitement and emotion of his full Chelsea debut and debut goal

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Michy Batshuayi may have grabbed a hat-trick (left foot, right foot ... stomach?), but the star of the night was a different Belgian, one who has been at the club for five years but not named Eden Hazard.

We’re talking of course about Charly Musonda, who, alongside his brothers, signed in 2012 and has since been one of the brightest prospects in the Chelsea Academy and Loan System. His debut (and third appearance overall) has been hotly anticipated for a while now, and fortunately, it lived up to expectations, with plenty of endeavor, effort, and even a debut goal. There’s never been a 3-0 goal in a League Cup third round match celebrated with more joy and emotion than Musonda’s.

Afterwards, the 20-year-old reflected on this big moment.

“It was my first start and it was very exciting. To be honest, I was more nervous before the game. I had to wait for so long for the game to start, a 7.45pm kick-off, so when the game started I was at ease and I felt really good. I was looking forward to it...”

“It was an emotional moment to score my first goal at the Bridge. I can’t even remember it now! I was very happy and you could see that. I was in tears to be honest. If the lads didn’t come and get me I don’t know what would have happened! It was a great moment.”

But Charly also knows that this is just the first step and that the hard work never stops. Antonio Conte’s sure to smile on the inside upon hearing these words.

“I come from the Academy and it was a great experience to be able to play my first game with the first team here at the Bridge, but it’s only the first game and I have to keep on working.”

-Charly Musonda Jr; source: Chelsea FC

Hard work, ambition, improvement — especially in the physical aspect, as Conte pointed out.

You’re gonna go far, kid.