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The Daily Hilario: Hurricanes & earthquakes

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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Another major hurricane in the Caribbean, about to hit Puerto Rico as a Category 5 (sustained winds of 175+ mph) — the worst storm on record for the island.

Another major earthquake in Mexico, where the death toll is now at 240+.  That it happened on the exact anniversary on the '85 quake, just hours after their earthquake drill just adds to the surreal situation.

Maybe the Mayans were right after all.

SPEAKING OF DISASTERS (keep sound off)

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
16.00: KNVB Beker, 1st round: Swift vs. Vitesse
19.00: La Liga, 7th vs. 6th: Athletic Bilbao vs. Atlético Madrid
19.30: Bundesliga, 11th vs. 13th: Hertha Berlin vs. Bayer Leverkusen
19.30: Bundesliga, 9th vs. 2nd: HSV vs. BVB
19.45: Serie A, 3rd vs. 9th: Juventus vs. Fiorentina
19.45: Serie A, 5th vs. 14th: AC Milan vs. SPAL
19.45: League Cup, 3rd round: Everton vs. Sunderland
19.45: League Cup, 3rd round: CHELSEA vs. Nottingham Forest
19.45: League Cup, 3rd round: Arsenal vs. Doncaster Rovers
20.00: League Cup, 3rd round: Manchester United vs. Burton Albion
20.00: League Cup, 3rd round: West Bromwich Albion vs. Manchester City
21.00: La Liga, 5th vs. 12th: Real Madrid vs. Real Betis
23.15: Copa Sudamericana, Rof16, 2nd leg: Flamengo vs. Chapecoense (0-0 agg.)
02.00 (next day): US Open Cup, final: Sporting KC vs. New York RB