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Drogba and David Luiz get in on the ‘SE QUEDA’ fun

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International break shenanigans.

Didier Drogba is back at Chelsea once again, following up his recent social visit with a more football-related one as he deals with an injury and utilizes Chelsea’s world class medical facilities and staff in his recovery.

While most of the Chelsea squad are away on international duty, one of the few who have stayed behind is David Luiz, and the world-class prankster took the opportunity to get in on the ‘SE QUEDA’ fun, following up Courtois memeing yesterday with an Instagram post of his own.

This whole Costa situation may be all fubar’d, but at least we’re having some fun with it.

SE QUEDA! @didierdrogba #King

A post shared by David Luiz (@davidluiz_4) on

Didier sure looks good in the new Nike gear, does he not?

The Big Man re-grammed David Luiz’s post, adding that he “feels good to be back [at Chelsea] and see some familiar faces” while “doing some great work here with the medical”. We shouldn’t get our hopes up of him staying around just yet however, as he then wished his current team, Phoenix Rising FC good luck for their match tonight and expressed hope that he will be back soon healthy and ready to continue scoring outrageous goals for them.