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WATCH: Frank Lampard answers a dozen questions about former Chelsea teammates

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Here’s a fun little video from FourFourTwo featuring Chelsea legend and occasional U18 assistant coach and BT Sport pundit Frank Lampard answering a few questions about his Chelsea teammates. They aren’t the most interesting questions of all time, but there’s some knowledge to be gleaned from them.

His full answers give fun details and that’s where the value of this video lies, but here are the highlights.

Q: Who worked hardest in training?
A: John Terry

Q: Who didn’t work hard in training but turn it on fro games?
A: Ricardo Carvalho

Q: Who was always early for training?
A: Ashley Cole

Q: Who was always “late”-ish for training?
A: Nicolas Anelka (would be the last to arrive)

Q: Who was the most skillful player?
A: Eden Hazard

Q: Who never gave the ball away?
A: Mikel John Obi

Q: Who flew into tackles even in training?
A: John Terry

Q: Who was the team joker?
A: David Luiz

Q: Who was the fastest?
A: Nicolas Anelka and Arjen Robben

Q: Which outfield player liked to go in goal?
A: John Terry

Q: Who was the biggest moaner?
A: Branislav Ivanović (in a good way)

Q: Who did you always want in your 5-a-side team?
A: Didier Drogba

That’s a veritable who’s who of some of Chelsea’s biggest and best players.

Nice one, Super Frank!