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David Luiz relishes madness of Chelsea’s busy month, reflects on budding bromance with Bakayoko

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Leicester City v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Chelsea’s last three Champions League campaigns prior to this season had all featured a knockout round meeting between the Blues and FFP magicians Paris Saint-Germain. Chelsea triumphed once, PSG twice, but one man was on the winning side every time: David Luiz, though he only ever scored in favor of the Parisians (he did assist Andre Schurrle’s goal in 2014, in fairness).

In any case, David Luiz is now back at Chelsea, so hopefully that personal winning trend, should it come to pass that the two teams meet again in this year’s competition, continues.

So far so good for both PSG and Chelsea, following rampant matchday one victoires yesterday. PSG dispatched Celtic 5-0 while Chelsea made short work of Qarabag. For the Blues, that’s just one game in a hectic three-week period, and while the congested schedule may strain the squad to its limits, David himself is relishing the madness. (That’s not all that surprising — players in general tend to prefer to play, rather than train.)

"[September is] a nice month. For me the best month is when you can play many, many fantastic games. One day you will finish playing so you have to enjoy getting these opportunities. You have to try your best, to give everything you have. In football I think for me the best games to play are the big games."

"We had that in the Premier League last season but not in the Champions League. In Europe it’s always good. You play different cultures, different countries, it’s a very high level and there are many fantastic players and clubs. It’s always special to be at Stamford Bridge and when you have a big European game it’s also special. We are looking forward to [those]."

David Luiz, while an excellent and still improving defender, is a fan favorite in large part due to his cheery, outgoing personality and overflowing charisma. He’s also a large personality in the dressing room, his irrepressible style making him a great teammate to have — even if, as Eden Hazard recently joked, the constant talking and moving can get a bit tiring for those around him. It’s all in good fun of course, and thanks to the ubiquitous nature of social media and especially Instagram, we’re getting a front row seat to a lot of these shenanigans.

For example, new signing Tiemoue Bakayoko and David Luiz have struck a fast friendship, using their common French football bond to develop the season’s best new bromance (so far). But amid the Instagram videos and other such shenanigans, there is practical use to the relationship, with David helping the youngster settle in London and Bakyoko helping David Luiz continue learning French.

"I know [Tiemoué Bakayoko] from playing against him in the past, I knew some of his friends from before so that’s why we have a great relationship. We speak French together. It’s also good for me to keep learning and practicing French!"

"He’s a great guy, a great person, great player. He’s a fantastic talent and for sure he’s going to give a lot of happiness to all the supporters of Chelsea."

-David Luiz; Source: Chelsea FC

Bakayoko himself has recently reflected on the busy schedule and Chelsea’s Champions League prospect. The 23-year-old reached the semifinals with Monaco last season, and now wants more.

"The Champions League has a different feeling to it, compared to other competitions. It is the number one competition in the world. It’s always been my dream to play in the Champions League and win it."

"I am really determined to start the competition with Chelsea. Since I was young, I have had a good career and I gained a lot of experience last season. "

"Chelsea is a great club, they always want to win trophies. So, it is certainly very important for me give my best for the club."

"The Champions League puts the pressure on us, especially when playing for a very big club like Chelsea. Chelsea want to win so we want that atmosphere and that pressure."

-Tiemoué Bakayoko; source: London Evening Standard

Next up in the Champions League will be Atletico Madrid away in two weeks time. Before then, a home game against Arsenal, a home League Cup match against Nottingham Forest, and an away day at Stoke await.