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Hazard, David Luiz, Christensen react to their FIFA 18 ratings

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Get hyped for FIFA 18’s incremental improvements wooo!

We’re just two weeks away from FIFA 18 releasing worldwide and player ratings and slowly but surely being revealed across the board. Rio Ferdinand, who is actually an “Icon” in FIFA 18, hosted three Chelsea players on his YouTube channel to get their reactions of seeing their new ratings.

Eden Hazard, David Luiz, and Andreas Christensen were each given a blank Ultimate Team card and asked to predict what they thought their own ratings should be. Then, their actual ratings were revealed. Hazard learned he was the 8th highest rated player in the entire game and the highest-rated in the Premier League. David Luiz was saddened to find out that his pace rating took a bit of an agist blow this year.


When Eden Hazard, David Luiz and Andreas Christensen read your comments on their FIFA 18 ratings...

Posted by Chelsea Football Club on Monday, September 11, 2017

After learning their ratings, they took a detour to the dreaded comments section and reacted to some fan opinion of themselves in FIFA. Eden’s response to a hater calling him “the worst player in the history of FIFA” is priceless. Both Luiz and Christensen were praised, which is not something commonly seen on the Internet. They must’ve dug deep in the comments for the nice feedback.

The FIFA 18 demo is now out as well. It features Chelsea, if you’re itching to get a look at how they’ll play in this year’s game.