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New Nike Chelsea 2017-18 third kit officially unveiled

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We’ve known for quite some time how all three of Chelsea’s kits will look like this season, but while the home and away kits were both revealed in the summer, the third kits were held back for whatever reason. It would appear they were just waiting for the start of the Champions League group stages.

Chelsea are one of nine teams this season to wear Nike’s urban camo pattern — alongside PSG, Barcelona, Manchester City, Inter Milan, Galatasaray, Roma, Atlético Madrid, and Spurs — with a bit of “electric blue” spicing the proceedings.

Nike, as all other kit manufacturers, work off templates, but at least this one seems a bit more “exclusive” than the standard boilerplate of the home and away kits.

And while that may sound like a negative indictment of the designs, I absolutely adore the minimalist home and away kits and even if the urban camo trend is a bit played out these days, I have no issues with it getting used for the third kit, which is a bit of a novelty item anyway. There is also a whole range of Champions League training gear, if that’s more your thing, which should also be available to purchase starting today (provided Nike sorts out their non-UK online store anytime soon).

Chelsea will not be playing in these today against Qarabag, but they will be used in our next Champions League game, away to Atlético Madrid in two weeks.