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Leicester City 1-2 Chelsea, Premier League: Gameday highlights, tunnel cam, fans view

The video we’ve been waiting for from the weekend’s 2-1 win over Leicester City is here, the latest in Chelsea TV’s greatest best new addition ever, or at least since the resurrection of the Chelsea:Unseen segment at the start of last season.

Initially called “Fans View”, these video segments are now called “GAMEDAY” and combine bits of tunnel cam footage (which Chelsea never quite got going as a separate feature), plus clips from warm-ups and post-match celebrations, and of course unique-angle highlights and fan reaction and Eden Hazard’s slightly too tight kit. Certainly a much better effort than Leicester’s perfunctory tunnel cam video, and that’s a statement that just a few weeks ago would’ve been unthinkable.

This week’s video also goes light(er) on the slow-mo which was a bit too overdone in the video from the last match. The only criticism I have at the moment is that we need more Conte celebration, since our big idea of a dedicated Conte-cam has yet to be followed.