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Leicester City 1-2 Chelsea, Tunnel Cam: Drinkwater’s reunions, Conte’s near slip and fall

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Leicester City’s media department wasted no time in producing their version of the tunnel cam from Saturday’s game, and perhaps due to that quick turnaround, it is a rather perfunctory little video, barely two and a half-minutes long with hardly a glimpse of a Chelsea player other than Danny Drinkwater.

We see Leicester City’s players arrive, then it’s time for the game, and then it’s all over. Blink and you might miss it.

Drinkwater is the star of the show, understandably, saying hello to all his old teammates who seem perfectly happy for his big-money move south last week. Drinkwater got a decent reception from the fans when he was sent to warm-up during the match, though one does wonder if that would’ve changed if he had actually made his debut.

Perhaps the most interesting moment is towards the end when Antonio Conte enters the tunnel after the match and almost slips on the wet floor in his nice dress shoes. But fortunately he catches himself before any slippy jokes can enter the Chelsea oeuvre.

Here’s a statement that I’ve longed to write for many years now: can’t wait for the Chelsea tunnel cam (i.e. “fans view”) to be released within the next 24-48 hours!