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Chelsea monitoring situation as Mahrez wants to join top six team

Chelsea have teased a “another new signing” to arrive at the friendly confines of Stamford Bridge before Sunday’s Community Shield match against Arsenal. Who might that be, no one knows.

Could it be Riyad Mahrez? Doubtful, but you never truly know in football. And then you’re reminded of that brief episode last summer when Mahrez just popped up one day at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel and Antonio Conte just happened to be there as well. But that was probably nothing, just like this rumor now. But you never know!

Being teased is the worst. Thanks, Chelsea!

In any case, after staying with the Foxes last summer, Mahrez now looks to be leaving once again. Last summer Arsenal were close; this summer AS Roma possibly were. Still, Mahrez stays, though the conditions for his possible departure, as revealed by Leicester City manager Craig “Shakey” Shakespeare, are clear and quite reasonable.

“He wants to play for a top-six club. If we don’t get an offer from a top-six club, he stays. If that offer comes in and it’s not enough, he stays. It is quite clear for me at the moment, he has made that statement but he is our player.”

-Craig Shakespeare; source: Mail

So, Mahrez wants to stay in the Premier League but wants to play for a contender. Roma’s 32m bid was not good enough. It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

It’s far less clear whether Chelsea should entertain such an option. Another new signing in attacking midfield could be fun, but it’s hardly the highest priority at the moment. So unless Mahrez can suddenly play wing-back or the pivot, we probably should be looking elsewhere.

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