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Juventus reject €80m Chelsea bid for Alex Sandro — reports

How is this still a thing?

If you thought we moved on from the failures of the Alex Sandro chase a long time ago, you’re probably very wrong. According to multiple reports, Chelsea made yet another pass at the Juventus left back. Unsurprisingly, it was yet another unsuccessful pass, just as all the other ones before it.

According to A Bola, Chelsea were offering €80m this time, having seen bids anywhere from €40m to €70m+ rejected earlier this summer. Why the Portuguese paper is the one to break this story about an English club bidding for a player in Italy is a bit unclear, and that certainly casts doubt on the veracity of the story even before we consider that spending huge on one player doesn’t fit Conte’s stated wish to bring 3-4 depth players in, not just 1-2 major signings.

That said, Chelsea’s renewed interest and Juve’s continued resistance were confirmed by the waning power of the Italian Transfer Oracle as well, so there just might be something to these rumors. (Namely that it’s not happening, despite our staunch refusal to accept the obvious.)

With a little over two weeks left in the window, it’s long past due time to move on to more realistic targets.

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