WaFFLe 2017/18

It's that time of year again gentlemen. Time to get the ball rolling on WaFFLe 2017/18. Credit to AMLang and Nevil (I'm pretty sure it was you two) for their work on the inaugural WaFFLe Cup. Here are the final standings from last season for each division:

Division 1:


Division 2:


Division 3:


Division 4a


Division 4b


Division 4c


Since we want to make this as competitive as possible each season, I think it is best to replace inactive managers with new managers who are interested in joining. I felt that managers with less than 10 "moves" in total would be considered inactive, unless they finished in the top half of their respective tables. With that being said, I found there was one inactive manager in Division 1, two in Division 2, three in Division 3, one in Division 4a, two in Division 4b, and one in Division 4c. So overall, there were 10 managers across all divisions that I would consider "inactive".

Promotion and Relegation was determined as the Bottom 4 from D1, Top 4 and Bottom 4 from D2, Top 4 and Bottom 3 or 6 from D3, and then the Champion or Top 2 from each of 4a, 4b, and 4c. I don't know what the final determination for Relegations from Division 3 and Promotions from the three 4th divisions were so I'll leave that TBD. Here are the (tentative) promotion/relegation clubs (managers) from each division:

Division 1:

Relegated: Vote for Azpilicueta (Habanc), John Wick's Pencil (s_starrett), Jared's Click Farm (simongabriel), Dodgy Flappers (WesSneijderOranje)

Division 2:

Promoted: Icier Than Before (FrostyMouse), Mkhi Mouse Club (BrendanKali), Capn Geech's Shrimp Shack Shooters (Juhopa), DP's All-Stars (David Pasztor)

Relegated: Compton Clovers C.F. (Madrid7), Long and Costa-ly (Sebastian Correa), TeamNotScared (KibbityKah), Hawkeye FC (RossWB)

Division 3:

Promoted: TatAin't Got No History (msudip060), Hazardous Warriors (minip12qss), Pepper-mint Tiki-takas (GingerConte), Suh dude (norzzini)

Relegated: Crossing Torres (K.Enoch), Ak-Baba Rahman's (thequaggening), KING DIVOCK (ram571997), Haz Mat Suits (Haz Mat), Hazard's Behind (HazardAhead), Kalouless (emileb)

Division 4a:

Promoted: The Contegious Kants (nutcracker17), Chelski Mercenaries (BLEED_BLUE_FOREVER)

Division 4b:

Promoted: FC Scoregasms (Olashmartinez) , The Asheville Backheels (the asheville heel)

Division 4c:

Promoted: Ain't No Holebas Girl (calumt), Not Good With Names (Dani3850)

If you made it this far and are interested in potentially becoming a new manager this coming season, please leave a comment in the comment section below under the title "INTERESTED MANAGERS APPLY HERE". Thanks.

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