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There is no Conte exit fury at Chelsea, just renewed emphasis on transfer targets — reports

When did the Italian media become the voice of reason? The same sources who were pushing the Conte exit narrative a few weeks ago are now pushing against the English media doing the same. Welcome to the twilight zone, the madhouse where you feel like you’re being cloned. And by cloned I mean going through the same fake news cycle over and over and over and over again. Ten percent of the time, it’s true every time.

Who can we believe these days? Perhaps no one. Perhaps everyone. Perhaps the actual truth lies somewhere in the boring, mild, reasonable middle. That doesn’t sell but it is what Sky Italia are peddling, and that just seems weird and oddly apocalyptic. And more than welcome. (In fairness, the Guardian’s Dom Fifield also takes a smiliar tact.)

Like most other reports, Sky Italia do acknowledge that Conte is not happy that Chelsea lost out on Lukaku — then again, few are, considering that Chelsea need a striker, be that Lukaku or Morata or Belotti or whoever, and it was Big Rom who looked the likeliest to come — but unlike the sensationalist exit angle taken by most English reports, the Italians assure that this unhappiness is being channeled into positive action and simply an emphasis on other targets. A signing or two at forward (a starter and a backup like Llorente or Benteke) and a signing in midfield are apparently at the top of the list towards which Chelsea will be working with a renewed sense of purpose. Hopefully.

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