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Take a break from transfer stress with the latest behind the scenes video from Chelsea

How about a tunnel cam this season, Chelsea TV lads?

Chelsea’s transfer window may be ... uh, inspiring lots of reasoned debate ... but at least Chelsea Unseen is back! The best part of Chelsea TV’s Carabao-inspired improvement last season is back for another year (hopefully), with a new episode released today in the usual Friday morning timeframe.

So if the summer’s getting you all stressed out, here’s a brief look at the new Nike kit launch and some skater dudes doing some skater dude tricks at Stamford Bridge.

Are you feeling down? Let David Luiz’s smile make it all better. Are you feeling hopeless? Marvel at Willian’s slo-mo head-shake that could inspire ancient works of art. Are you worried about next season? Cesc Fàbregas shall ROAR some confidence into your weak knees. Are you confused by all this transfer nonsense? Here’s Nemanja Matić to sell you on a cold can of Carabao. Taste the rainbow!

I’m not sure what’s going on with the skater segment, but it’s pushing the swoosh a fair bit, so it’s probably another Nike tie-in. That’s just how we roll these days.

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