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The Daily Hilario: 2017-18 WaFFLe

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.


  1. AMLang
  2. TMIL
  3. Bill.Lumbergh (commish)
  4. Nevil
  5. Frank the Beef
  6. deadraizer
  7. JoeTexTwoTechs
  8. FootieFromAfar
  9. *PROMOTED* FrostyMouse
  10. *PROMOTED* BrendanKali
  11. *PROMOTED* Juhopa
  12. *PROMOTED* DPeezy


  1. *RELEGATED* S_Starrett
  2. *RELEGATED* simongabriel
  3. yatcli
  4. Valderrama10
  5. Saelenn
  6. Blue_keth
  7. *SAVED* Madrid7
  8. *SAVED* Sebastian Correa
  9. *PROMOTED* tatamourinho
  10. *PROMOTED* Special 26 (commish)
  11. *PROMOTED* gingerconte
  12. *PROMOTED* Norzzini


  1. B Tret
  2. Sounders4life
  3. K.Enoch
  4. Ben Quagliata
  5. *SAVED* Ram Srinivas
  6. *SAVED* Haz Mat
  7. *SAVED* HazardAhead
  8. *PROMOTED4A-1* WiZaCar17
  9. *PROMOTED4B-1* Martinez#47
  10. *PROMOTED4C-1* Calum Thompson
  11. *PROMOTED4A-2* BleeD_BluE_ForeVer
  12. *PROMOTED4C-2* Dani3850


  1. 4A-3: Kidrah
  2. 4B-3: Pritish.
  3. 4B-4: The_Fez
  4. 4A-4: The neckbeard of Fabregas
  5. 4C-4: NateGoBlues
  6. 4B-5: robdatta
  7. 4A-5: QuestyCat
  8. 4B-6: Erland_Johnsen
  9. 4A-6: Gianluigi Buffon
  10. 4A-7: Animesh96
  11. 4A-8: hazardislife
  12. 4C-8: KTBFFH!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 4B-8: guessmyfavoritecolor
  14. 4A-9: Relax & Enjoy The Drogs
  15. 4C-9: jaysasak
  16. 4B-9: Larry_8
  17. 4C-11: Tony90908
  18. 4B-11: Chelsea's Marvels
  19. 4A-12: Gaurav4


We had almost 50 new applicants.  Replacing the 17 who dropped out from last season and adding a fourth 4th Division gives us 29 new players.  If you're not on this list, don't go away.  Stay, comment, get involved, etc.

In alphabetical order:

  1. ajaybose23
  2. Andrew Daykin
  3. bleedroyalblue
  4. blobmarley
  5. BlueBlood77
  6. BlueDownUnder
  7. Bluemageddon
  8. Brothers in Blue
  9. Clever Costapp
  10. eternalblue
  11. Forza Conte
  12. Gellar Bing
  13. GinjaNinja
  14. Haz Cat
  15. inferno12
  16. KunleGrams
  17. LampardsRightFoot
  18. Paynaar
  19. Pix.
  20. Pocket_Hercules
  21. Pooga22
  22. Lord Tyrion
  23. Sir David Luiz
  24. solowize
  25. Super Frank
  26. TheLittleHorse
  27. vishwasthegeezer
  28. Wings of Eternal Sun
  29. Zonar

Next four in, if there are late drop-outs:  Rupant, Tremor810, CFCSwede, Hazgardian

The plan is to have the top three divisions and then four 4th divisions.  Let me know if there are any requests as to who wants to be in which fourth division.  Last season there was a bit of effort to coordinate geographically, so y'all want to do that in the comments, I can make that happen.  Otherwise it'll just be a random distribution.

Please be advised that your email on file with WAGNH will be shared with the other 11 players in your division.  If you don't want this to happen, and you want to use a different email, please let me know (via email, ironically).  If you're not comfortable with either solution, you will unfortunately have to drop out.

Thank you.

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