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Diego Costa trains on a beach, then Jet Skis with his dog

Just another day in the life of Diego Costa

Diego Costa may not be a Chelsea player for too long, but as long as he remains a Chelsea player, even if just purely in a technical sense, we’ll get to pay attention to his Kenny Powers-esque antics.

Costa, whose agent(s) are hard at work trying to work out a move for him to Atlético Madrid (or perhaps AC Milan), has been busy partying it up in his home town of Lagarto, Brazil for most of the summer. It’s unclear if his latest Instagram story is also from Lagarto and its surrounding area, but the party has now moved to the beach (of a river?) or at least a sandy outside area of a gym (?) where Costa has made an appearance before.

In any case, here’s Costa with a couple resistance band exercises straight out of the conditioning playbook of Antonio Conte.

So after a hard day’s work of running in sand, what’s a fella to do? Take a ride on the Jet Ski with his dog of course! Duh!

Never change, Diego. Never change.

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