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Chelsea Unseen: Bakayoko signs, Bulka blocks Courtois, Conte makes a funny face

Behind the scenes at Chelsea this week

It’s Friday, it’s pre-season, so it’s time for pre-season Chelsea Unseen! Still the best thing on Chelsea TV because there is no tunnel cam ... yet, he added hopefully.

Part of this will be familiar if you’ve been keeping up with Tiemoué Bakayoko’s initial movements as a Chelsea player, with the same recycled footage of his first meeting with some of the players and Conte shown once again, plus a couple different angles of him posing for his first official photos, etc. But his beard is still exceptional, so it’s still cool.

On a related note, Bakayoko snapped this great photo for his Instagram story with Chelsea’s newest signing on Thursday. GET IN!

The second half of this week’s Unseen contains more pre-season training footage — check out Christensen’s wide shoulders! — with the lovely soundtrack of Conte barking orders for the players to follow. There’s also a nice coordination exercise for the goalkeepers (hands and feet at the same time) as well another volleyball game where big Courtois is blocked bigly by an even bigger Bulka.

And then it’s off to China and into the haze, with Conte telling a funny story to Cudicini.

Chelsea have been releasing a few snippets of training on social media, too, which are nice bite-sized pieces of goodness to satisfy our craving for some actual football. (Soon!)

Here's a look at our first day in ...

Posted by Chelsea Football Club on Thursday, July 20, 2017

And here’s a recap of Day 1 with the ridiculously adorable Carlo Cudicini.

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