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WATCH: That time Cesc Fabregas beat Willian and Pedro in a quickness and agility drill


The video is grainy enough that it’s not 100 per cent clear whether it is from this year or from the last couple seasons, but judging by the training gear, especially the three-tone training shorts, it is in fact from the last few days. Either way, Cesc is clearly proud of beating two of the fastest players on the team in this fun-looking quickness and agility drill. And while Pedro seems to accept defeat, Willian’s flabbergasted enough to ask for a re-measurement, which is actually pretty funny.

Are they really quicker than me? The day I beat @_pedro17_ and @willianborges88 at the speed game!

A post shared by Cesc Fàbregas (@cescf4bregas) on

How could this happen?

Fabregas is calling this the “speed game” but the drill is more about quickness, change of direction, and efficiency. And while no one’s going to accuse Cesc of having the most agility and quickness on the team, his mental attributes do make a crucial difference here as well. He wins because he gets a much better start than any of the other two, makes much cleaner turns when picking up the cones, and picks up the cones in such an order as to avoid having to make any drastic changes of direction at the poles. Willian, who would probably be considered the favorite, not only gets the worst start, but rounds his turns too much and loses a lot of speed when placing the cones on the poles.

In conclusion: excellent work, Cesc!

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