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Chelsea unveil gorgeous new Nike kits for 2017-18 season

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Nike handout

The hour has cometh and it did not disappoint, certainly in terms of the kit reveal.

Here they were, already lined up and waiting for the masses to arrive at 9am sharp, local time.

The kits looked beautiful in the leaks already. The real deal only upped that.

The white detail down the side of the shorts that Joe’s referring to has been a regular feature of the home kits since Chelsea switched to blue shorts in the mid-60s, though in recent years, they were replaced by the stereotypical adidas stripes instead.

Nike’s offering certainly has a more than just a touch of that classic ‘70s Chelsea look, with an essentially solid, dark blue shirt, matching shorts with the white side detail, and the white socks. In fact, according to Nike’s official press release, “an original shirt from the early 1970s was used to define the desired blue”, with their technician matching that shirt’s color exactly to come up with this authentic shade of Chelsea Blue.

It’s gorgeous, really. Can we keep this for a while? (I know we can’t because merchandising... but you know...)

Here’s the full away kit as modeled by Gary Cahill.

This had been teased for some time, and by the time it arrived, it was basically Christmas in July. Even the online store reveal was exciting, which replaces the Chelsea Megastore with a much better Nike version instead. Seriously, check it out, it’s fantastic.

Also, 2-D from Gorillaz is there. Come on, that’s pretty cool.

More 2-D from Chelsea’s announcement Instagram story. And David Luiz of course.

(Though it would appear that 2-D replaced Chalobah in that lineup on the actual store page. Make of that what you will.)


Here’s to our new Nike-fied Chelsea life. Shop til you drop!

BONUS: The goalkeeper kit is dayglow neon orange. Hellz yeah!

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